fist-bump1-940x360So why choose us for your digital
marketing needs? It’s simple, really. No where else can you find a more dedicated group of individuals with such a deeply
integrated knowledge and devotion to all things Digital.

That was the short answer, anyways. Here’s a more in-depth response to the question, all starting with…:

Digital Response Marketing

Persuasive content will always be necessary to deliver messaging; however, marketers need to utilize performance-based metrics to stay relevant in this new era. Everything must be measured in the online and offline world. If not, it can’t be managed.

Strategically, DRMG helps companies demonstrate the long-term value of marketing initiatives in two ways:

Digital strategy and social media management:

Chances are, crafting a social and digital strategy is not part of your core business. However, having a solid digital strategy is, and needs to be a critical element to your marketing mix. Equally important, social media strategy must work in parity with web, marketing and data strategy. Our team develops and implements digital and social media management and campaign strategies that grow companies from “observer” to “participant” with measurable results in no time.

Marketing optimization and related analytics:

Consumer habits are rapidly changing. Time spent with traditional media like TV and print is decreasing — and time spent on the internet and with mobile devices is skyrocketing. This translates to marketing mixes that may result in drastically different future outcomes. While the digital age has brought a lot of pain to traditional media, it has also enabled significantly better data capture and more opportunity. Using advanced analytics, we:

1) Optimally allocate marketing budgets
2) Arm companies with the power to align the right campaigns to the right people at the right time
3) Help reduce marketing spend without sacrificing a loss in productivity.


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