Quality is the New Black


Think about your offline world for a minute. What do you like to do when you’re not working and who do you like to do it with? We consciously and subconsciously identify our likes and dislikes, we gravitate towards the likes and we develop them. Now turn it inside out and look at social networks. What social networks have done is just created avenues and places for connections of commonalities online where none had existed before. Some of us have embraced this and have run with it, others have played the purist card and refuse to partake, and still others have dipped their toes gingerly into the waters, testing, sampling, exploring.

Funny thing though, In most social media instances and on most social networks, it’s almost implied and expected that you know what you’re doing, and that you are already part of a network.  Yet there is still a pretty large segment of people who have no clue. In fact, dare I say that social media might not be right for you or your business because a) you don’t know how to use it, b) you don’t know what to do and c) you’re not going to be forced. So what are you supposed to do?

We all have the ability to connect digitally with someone-what we struggle with is the search aspect, the how aspect and the where aspect.

The difficulty for the novice? No one ever showed them the way. They are left to figure it out on their own. In some cases, like many marketers using social media, it turns out to be the wrong way to participate.

Why is quality the new black? Because each of us has a quality of opinion, a quality of expertise, a quality of knowledge, and a quality of passion that just needs to be connected with someone that has that same interest, knowledge or content.

Technology is waiting for users to catch up and users are waiting for technology to slow down.

Eventually we all will find our tribes and struggling for what to say won’t be the issue- it will be more a struggle on shutting us up.

You know a lot about sunflowers. Someone comes up to you because they heard you like sunflowers. They ask you a question about them. You now have an option. You can walk away. You can answer and walk away, or you can engage them, get to know them, and have a beautiful conversation that blossoms into something larger. What does this have to do with social media? Networks where you can share your authority, influence, knowledge or passion on what you know with anyone in the world abound but…truly quality is the New Black.