Digital Response Marketing Group (DRMG), is a Naples, Florida based marketing and communications agency. Whether your goal is to establish your brand, increase awareness, drive business, promote a singular campaign, augment customer service or develop effective measurement metrics; we design, build and deploy agile marketing programs with your audience and your desired outcomes in mind.

In an increasingly mobile-first, digital-now world, DRMG combines interactive, rich-media technology development with creative content production to create digital marketing initiatives that move the needle.

As one of Naples, Florida’s few digital marketing strategists, DRMG principal, Marc Meyer, has been able to take digital strategies and simplify and quantify them in a way that makes sense for Fortune 500 companies in any industry or the SMB up in Fort Myers, Florida!

For the past 10 years, Marc has been seeking to raise the art and science of digital marketing and social media to a new level, where every company and organization becomes adept at understanding what it takes to be successful at attracting eyeballs through simple SEO practices, driving traffic and uncovering new prospects through SMO lead generation, or creating conversations from social media best practices, and ultimately, understanding online behaviors and cultures through the usage of social media, social media marketing and community building.

Marc has been showing companies “the way” for almost 15 years in various capacities  He’s held positions ranging from digital strategist to social media practice lead, to VP of sales and marketing, to also being a top sales and marketing exec at a software consulting company in Pittsburgh, PA.

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